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​Please allow me to introduce myself to you, my name is Michael James Lee.


My father, an avid photographer, gave me my first camera, a box Brownie, at the age of eight. Little did I know then, how this one moment would change my life forever.


With camera in hand, I often wandered around the streets of Adelaide taking pictures of everything that caught my eye until I eventually photographed my way to Paris

Paris changed everything, being accepted into the Paris College of Art, I began to study the art of photography, going on to win a prestigious scholarship to Speos European Photographic Institute.

Living in Paris was for me a cultural awakening and taught me to see in a new way.​

Arguably, Paris was the birthplace of photography. There everything was condensed: the culture, the history, the architecture, the fashion, the people, you feel as though life itself is condensed, it is a very different sense of space than the one I experienced in Australia.


This new combined way of seeing and expressing myself lead to numerous gallery showings and various awards.


As a documentary photographer my camera has traveled with me to London, Australia. United States, France, Bangladesh, India, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Spain and Canada.

Currently in Toronto, Ontario, I have come to meet many talented and creative people that are always willing to help with ideas for project collaboration and which also affords me with easy access to the USA.

A humanitarian, photographer, gypsy, story teller, tea drinker ........ and member of Reporters sans Frontieres.

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Exhibitions & Achievements


Blankwall Gallery in Athens - 29 September until 12 October 2019 at the exhibition titled “Abandonment”

Chania International Photo Festival in Greece CIP 28 August until 5 September 2018.

Blankwall Gallery in Athens - 29 June until 12 July 2018 at the exhibition titled “Moments of Color”

Blankwall Gallery in Athens - 20 April until 3 May 2018 at the exhibition titled “Portraits”

SALA 2016 (South Australian Living Artists in Adelaide) Solo exhibition "Rue de Paris" Sponsored by Alliance Francaise.

12 images exhibited at the Sony World Photography Exhibition 2016 at Somerset House London "Neighbourhood".

“Into the light” A series of 20 street photography images on the theme of people entering into light. This series won the photojournalism award at the Paris College of Arts with a scholarship to attend Speos European Photographic Institute.


The Eros Magazine - Fine Art Nude photography magazine Issue #1 Double page "Nude with ball" Paris 2014

The Eros Magazine - Fine Art Nude photography magazine Issue #2 Page 48 "Woman in disused factory" Paris 2014


"Nude with ball and stairs" was awarded "Top Shot Award" at viewbug March 2019

"Nude with ball and stairs" was chosen as the winner in the competition "Indoors" May 2015 - "It’s powerful, so bold, so strong, so well done. There’s nothing to hate about it." - Gino Barasa (Professional photographer and guest judge)

Ranked in the Top 10% of most popular photographers in 2015/16/17/19 - Viewbug

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